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Genesis Owusu wins Triple J/RAGE music video of the year 2021

Australian musician Genesis Owusu has been named winner of the J Award for both best album and music video of 2021. The Other Black Dog took out the music video award, being a track lifted from his debut long-player Smiling with No Teeth, winner of the album of the year gong. The J Award is presented by radio station Triple J, and late night weekend music TV show RAGE, every November as part of Ausmusic Month.

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Waves of Change, music by Juhi Bansal

An ethereal soundtrack composed by Juhi Bansal accompanies the video clip for Waves of Change.

Waves of Change takes inspiration from the story of the Bangladesh Girls Surf Club, a group started years ago in the Cox Bazaar region of Bangladesh. In a place where girls are forbidden from even entering the water, kept from an education and typically married away at 11-12 years of age, a group of young girls learned to surf and imagined a world for themselves full of freedom and choices.

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Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black enhanced by Spotify

It’s been fifteen years since the release of late English singer Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black album. Holy moly, fifteen years. To mark the occasion Spotify have accorded the defining release the enhanced treatment:

Spotify worked with Winehouse’s label and estate to create a bunch of content for the playlist: video clips but also new ‘canvas’ looping videos, ‘storylines’ lyrics analysis snippets, and video of other artists talking about how they’ve been influenced by Winehouse and the album.

Check it out here on Spotify.

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Silverchair will not be reforming: Daniel Johns

Daniel Johns, lead singer of the defunct NSW Central Coast based indie rock act Silverchair, speaking on Channel Ten’s The Project, said the band will not be reforming, and he has no intention of performing live again. For anyone not around at the time, Silverchair was a defining act in Australian music.

He said he had struggled to shut down the persistent rumours that Silverchair, who split in 2011, would one day reform. “I was like, ‘This is really starting to effect my mental health’. Because I am saying ‘that’s it’, and every time I try to tell the truth, someone told a lie,” he told The Project. “So I was like, ‘I wouldn’t get Silverchair back together with a gun to my head for $1 million’. Maybe that was too harsh in hindsight.”

Hope springs eternal I think. In a note posted to Silverchair’s Facebook page in May 2011, the band said they were going into “indefinite hibernation.” It might have suggested to some fans a return was on the cards at some point. John’s conversation with The Project can be streamed here until about 20 January 2022.

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If You Say The Word, Radiohead

If you feel you’re trapped in a dead-end office job, then maybe English rock band Radiohead’s latest offering, If You Say The Word won’t be for you. On the other hand, this is Radiohead, how could you not like If You Say The Word?

Even though the track premiered yesterday, Friday 24 September, it’d been sitting – in one form or another – in the recording studio for near on two decades. The single is included on Kid Amnesiae, which is a re-issue of Radiohead’s 2000 album, Kid A, and Amnesiac, a year later.

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A countdown of the fifty best debut singles

Scoring a hit with your first musical release… that has to be an achievement and a half. What a great way to start a career. Tomorrow from midday, Saturday, 18 September, Double J will countdown what they rate as the Fifty Best Debut Singles.

That’ll be a show and a half. I couldn’t possibly guess at a number one, so instead here’s the video clip for Crave you, the 2009 debut single by Sydney electronic act Flight Facilities, which I’m hoping will be included somewhere in the fifty.

Update: here’s a list of the top fifty singles that made the cut. If you have a lazy five hours, stream the countdown here.

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ARIAs to end gendered award categories

The Australian Recording Industry Association, aka ARIA, will no longer distinguish Australian musicians by gender, instead making award categories for the annual ARIA awards gender non-specific:

The time for separating artists based on gendered categories that exclude non-binary artists altogether has passed. The music industry is demanding a more equal, inclusive, safe and supportive space for everyone and ARIA is working hard to achieve that across the ARIA Awards and everything we do.

Good job. Why on earth should the work of anyone be differentiated on the basis of gender? The ARIAs will be streamed on YouTube on Wednesday 24 November 2021.

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